Vineyard Designated Wines

Good quality starts in the vineyard and therefore, a good feel for it is absolutely necessary. For great quality wines we need more: the right geology, exposition, microclimate and vine stock. However, another two important aspects play a significant role with us: the longstanding experience of Ewald Gruber senior and the innovative ideas of Christian Gruber.
Both of them have a common aim: The unique character of the location should be reflected in the grapes themselves!

Weinviertel DAC 2017
Deep soil over bedrock; unmistakable minerality; terraced vineyard facing south; vine stocks are up to 60 years old. Spicy and peppery Grüner Veltliner – ages well.
Weinviertel DAC 2018
“Point” – particularly fertile soil (loess) facing south – The heated soil guarantees perfect ripeness of the grapes. A prime Loess-Veltliner with unrivalled depth!
Riesling 2017
Königsberg at 353 meters above sea level, rock weathering of granite and calcium deposits. A wine with exceptional minerality and hints of ripe apricots.
Chardonnay 2015
The vineyard is next to a little wood where the temperatures during the day and at night vary significantly – this makes for a distinctive fruit. A beautifully smooth Chardonnay.
St. Laurent 2016
Cuvée of red wine full of finesse, two types of Burgunder wine with intensive fruit and noblesse. Perfect with juicy beef.
Zweigelt 2016
The German term “Luschen” describes a hidden place (vineyard located in a basin). Typical Austrian red wine. Gentle fruity flavour, spicy Zweigelt.