Extreme Vineyard Designated Wines

Our flagship wines are extreme in every respect: their maturation, their location and how they are treated. The grapes come from vineyards with very old vines – more than 60 years old! Yield restriction to two bunches of grapes per shoot. Bottling of the best vintages only. The winemaker needs to have a good feel for barrique, fine yeast and… (our lips are sealed)!

CUVÉE ROYALE Zweigelt & Merlot 2017

Absolute yield restriction, late harvest, vivid scent of mixed berries combined with roasted aromas; rich in tannin; ages well.


EISWEIN Chardonnay 2017

fine dried fruit tannins, dried apricots, delicate honeysuckle, floral nuances, multi-faceted bouquet. Juicy sweetness with finesse acidic bow; ripe fig fruit, has great maturation potential


Ried MÜHLBERG Weinviertel DAC Reserve 2017

90 Pkt. Decanter

Mühlberg is not far from the former mill, strongly sloped to the south, with soil over bedrock. Particularly ripe grapes, minerals and freshness; multi-layered and many-faceted.