Ried KÖNIGSBERG Riesling 2018

Königsberg at 353 m, rock weathering of the granite masses and calcareous deposits, firm minerality and ripe aromas to apricot


Welschriesling 2019

… this wine will win you over with its spicy and fruity flavour and refreshing acidity. Its light and youthful character makes the wine particularly likeable.


This Chardonnay grows on loamy loess soil. This guarantees optimal water supply throughout the growing season. A special microclimate is created by the adjacent forest. The significantly cooler nights intensify the Fruchtausprägung. A dense chardonnay with fine spice.


CUVÉE ROYALE Zweigelt & Merlot 2017

Absolute yield restriction, late harvest, vivid scent of mixed berries combined with roasted aromas; rich in tannin; ages well.


EISWEIN Chardonnay 2017

Medium yellow, silver reflections. Sweet yellow tropical fruit tank notes of lychee, a touch of honey and nougat. Elegant body, fresh white fruit nuances, again fine honeysuckle, sticks well, ripe yellow apple fruit in the reverberation, good potential.


Galgenberg Pinot Noir 2018

An elegant, finely fruity red wine. Goes well with Italian pasta dishes as well as Tafelspitz and grilled salmon!