Soil- the highest good

Organic farming will promote the self-healing power of the vines while preserving the most valuable resource – the soils of our home in Röschitz.

Our vineyards are not on steep slopes. They lie at the foothills of the Manhartsberg and form soft hills.
The Manhartsberg is the last spur of the Bohemian massif and consists of granite.

Here, on the border to the Waldviertel, it passes into the so-called tertiary country.
Twenty million years ago, the tertiary sea erupted here, forming those sandy and sandstone soils that now appear on the slopes of the great mountains.

The flatter layers were overlaid with loess about 10,000 years ago.This special soil composition forms the optimal terroir for our vines.We manage most of Röschitz own vineyards, but also work with organic wine farmers from the area together. Our plots are sometimes quite small, we count a total of 150 different vineyards.

Yes, the work in the vineyard often becomes a logistical masterpiece! However, the small but subtle differences between the locations, the soils and the small climates make it possible for us to have a distinctive, highly differentiated range of fruity-elegant, but also substantial wines.

PDF to the ground – monoliths here for download