The Gruber Family

The Gruber Family

The power of three

Three generations, three siblings, three spirits united: We, Ewald, Maria and Christian, have found common ground in the family-run business in the western part of the Weinviertel region: wine. Whether in the vineyard, the wine cellar or in sales, we concentrate on what we love and know best. Wonderfully crisp Grüner Veltliner, fruity Riesling and delicately balanced St. Laurent and Pinot Noir grow in our organically cultivated micro-cosmos in Röschitz.

We only use organic methods in all our vineyards and always work in harmony with nature. By doing so, we would like to raise awareness through our natural and sustainable cultivation methods: awareness of nature, awareness of the environment and sustainable cultivation for future generations.

Hi, I am Ewald
The winemaker with natural flair
I have been responsible for the vinification of the wines for more than ten years. This ensures the consistent style and quality of the wines. However, I am always eager to try out something new. In the past, the opinion was wide-spread that wine is made in the cellar. Therefore, I often say that my cellar is the “hatchery of our wines”. I am excited about their development, but I hardly ever intervene in the process. What I need are healthy grapes, time and necessary instinct. I endeavour to produce wine with care but without any frills – as natural as possible. But I like to experiment and my urge to do so grows stronger and stronger. This makes it possible to create very interesting wines that need time.

Cheers, I am Maria
The woman behind marketing and admin
Me and my two brothers, we got a new idea with our “Wine Spirits”. And I love to work with them. I am is also responsible for the intensive exchange of information with our customers. At the same time international sales has been continuously expanded. Wine lovers all around the world appreciate the unique characteristics of our Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, which both reflect the minerality of the granite soil on the one hand and the fruity and spicy taste of loess soil on the other. Today, Gruber wines are available in 17 different countries. In this respect, it has been a great advantage to get Franz Hofstätter ( on board, as he is an expert in exports with many years of experience.

Hello, I am Christian
The man in the vineyard

Some vineyards are rather small, but we comprises a total of 150 of them. This often makes my work in the vineyards a real logistical challenge, but it also means that the advantages of the different microclimates can be optimally exploited. This means that the wines have distinct character, reflecting the unique terroir of Röschitz. I have always spent a great deal of time outdoors. When I was a little boy, I loved to walk around in my red boots all day and discover the surroundings. I developed a close connection with nature at an early age and it made me more sensitive to it. Today, in my (nearly) daily work in the vineyards, I listen to the signs of nature. I love to work bio-organic.